Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The closest airport to Scuba Turtles is Kalamata Airport. You may find easier to flight to Athens El. Venizelos Airport and rent a vehicle to travel around Peloponnese area.
We definitely recommend to have your own transportation to explore all the gems around Messenia Region.

Scuba Turtles is located on Marathopolis. The easiest way to get to the dive center is by your own transportation. We can also arrange a transfer from your accommodation for a extra fee. Check us in Google Maps.

Messenia is generally hot and sunny throughout the summer season, but it can get cooler when the wind is blowing. Bring light summer clothes, with a spare hoodie.

Rain is a possibility in early May and late September, and we would recommend bringing some spare warm clothes in April, May and October for the cooler evenings. Always remember your sunscreen!

For diving with us, all you need to bring is a swimsuit and a towel.

Some swimming ability is required. You need to have basic swim skills and be able to comfortably maintain yourself in the water to enroll in any diving program. At the entry-level courses, your PADI Instructor will assess this by having you:

Swim 200 meters (or 300 meters in mask, fins and snorkel). There is no time limit for this, and you may use any swimming strokes you want.
Float and tread water for 10 minutes, again using any methods you want.

Any individual who can meet the performance requirements of the course qualifies for certification. There are many adaptive techniques that allow individuals with physical challenges to meet these requirements. Contact us for more information.

Not necessarily. Any condition that affects the ears, sinuses, respiratory or heart function, or may alter consciousness is a concern, but only a doctor can assess a person’s individual risk. Download the Medical form and check with your doctor if necessary before enrolling in any diving activity.
Aside from pregnancy, no. Because physiologists know little about the effects of diving on the fetus, the recommendation is that women avoid diving while pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Menstruation is not normally a concern.

You are welcome to join our tour, but we ask that you bring along a companion who is not legally blind/deaf and who will participate in the activity with you. This is for your own comfort and safety to make sure that there is someone who is familiar with your situation and in the case of deafness, who is able to communicate with you as we do not currently have any guides who speak sign language. We would appreciate it if you can let us know ahead of time, so that our guides are aware of the situation and so that we can discuss with you any particular changes or considerations that may need to be taken into account.

April: 16-17ºC / 61-63ºF
May: 18-19 ºC / 65-67ºF
June: 19-23ºC / 67-73ºF
July: 21-27ºC / 70-80ºF
August: 25-28ºC /77-82ºF
September: 23-26ºC /73-78ºF
October: 21-24ºC / 70-75ºF

We provide our customers with a 5.5mm full-length wetsuit.

All our prices (unless indicated) include:
a. Full set of equipment
b. Dive instructor.
c. 24% VAT

We also rent underwater cameras. For more information, please contact us.
We unfortunately do not offer towels, so make sure you bring your own.

Our daily dive schedule is as follows:

10:00 Meeting Time
10:15 Briefing
10:30 Departure
12:30 Return

12:30 Meeting Time
12:45 Briefing
13:00 Departure
15:00 Return

14:30 Meeting Time
14:45 Briefing
15:00 Departure
17:00 Return

16:30 Meeting Time
16:45 Briefing
17:00 Departure
19:00 Return

The schedule is subject to availability and may vary depending on seasonal demand, weather conditions and other considerations. The Returns times may vary according to the program you sign up for (For example, Divers and snorkelers tend to return earlier than Discover Scuba Divers).

The Courses schedules will be arrange with each student.

Of course! You are free to take your own photos or videos, but we ask that your equipment is attached to your body in one way or another, for example with a wrist band. We do however not advise that you take your phone in a waterproof case, due to the fact that it is not possible to operate it while scuba diving. Make sure that you read the instructions that come with your photography equipment of how deep you are allowed to take it underwater, we encourage you to follow them thoroughly. We do not take any responsibility of lost or damage photography gear that may happen. Keep in mind that the use of cameras is not allowed during PADI Courses except the Digital Underwater Photographer  adventure dive or specialty.

We would recommend making a reservation in advance, especially for July and August. We cannot guarantee any booking made without a deposit. Give us a call or send us an email to find out about availability and booking options, or book directly with us online using our Book Now button.
You can read detailed descriptions of the courses we offer on our Courses page, or contact us with any questions you may have using our Contact Form. All our courses are taught to PADI standards, so you can always check out the PADI website.

All of PADI certifications are valid forever and are recognized by any reputable dive centre.