Dive Center

The Facilities

Scuba Turtles Dive Center is based within few meters of the best swimming platform of Marathopoli. The dive center facilities have an outdoor area with tables and water tanks where we wash and dry our gear. The indoor area is where we have our office, chill area and classroom, bathroom and the compressor room. We also have some lockers if you would like to store your personal belongings while diving.


We stock all our dive equipment from Aqualung and Cressi. We recently opened our doors so all the gear is brand new and it is going to be serviced annualy.

Our 5.5mm full-length wetsuits will keep you comfortable and warm underwater, throughout the year. We also use booties to keep your feet warm and protected in some rocky entries.

Scuba tanks are visually tested yearly, and hydrostatically tested every 3 years according to Greek regulations.


With our diver’s safety in mind, in our dive center facilities we have a brand new Paramina Typhoon 15 Silent. Paramina compressor's leading design technology, produces compressor systems that have been tested for safety and reliability over the years. In fact, our compressor is frequently maintained and serviced by Paramina technicians. You can be confident each breath of air is the purest.


You can truly feel on holidays in our classroom while watching instructional videos from the comfort of our sofa. In addition, we have a diving library for any scuba diving addicts who want to explore what other fantastic adventures are awaiting for them.


Our dive center have diving accessories, mask and snorkel sets, T-shirts and much more for sell. Furthermore, you can buy items that contribute to Project AWARE and other local marine conservation programs and clean ups. Come by the shop and check what we have to offer.